Inspiring excellence - educating mind, body, and soul - a classical education in the Catholic tradition.


Divine Mercy Academy is a striking example of how God works through the love and labor of His people. Divine Mercy Academy was founded as a school that would – in addition to providing excellent academics – provide moral formation and religious instruction faithful to the teachings of the Church. Many courageous Gallatin Valley families have stepped forward and provided essential support so that Divine Mercy Academy can carry out a mission of Catholic formation and Classical education of young men and women. Our school seeks to educate children in the classical catholic tradition for the benefit of their minds, bodies and souls.

For our female students, Divine Mercy Academy is a haven for the feminine genius described by Pope St. John Paul II, and for our male students, Divine Mercy Academy promotes masculine virtue - the bedrock of Catholic men.


  • During the school day we are teaching children to look for God in everything, approach life and learning with wonder and awe, and see the truth, goodness, and beauty that is His creation. We are here to give them skills, but also - dare I say, more so - to help them be happy, holy people. DMA seeks to educate students in mind, body, and soul while calling them to reach their potential as children of God.

    Ms. San SouciTeacher, Grades K-1st

Divine Mercy Academy cultivates all vocational paths and the environment to “hear God’s call” within an educational and formative environment infused with our guiding principles:

  • Faithful to the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church
  • United with Her Bishops
  • Under the protective intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary



Today, our youth are saturated with images and a mentality that is contrary to our Faith. Popular culture – on all fronts – teaches our children how to dress, how to date, how to socialize; in general, it forms them to live a life contrary to the teachings of our Lord.

Divine Mercy Academy works with parents, the child's “first teachers”, to strengthen the virtues instilled at home. Our faculty and staff model these virtues in their own lives, becoming positive mentors for those they teach. As a community - parents, students, faculty, and staff - we work to live Godly lives, to strive for excellence in all things, and to be true exemplars of Christ-like love to one another.

The majority of schools serve thousands of children academically. Due to the size of these schools, their ability to provide tailored instruction is limited.

As an Independent School, Divine Mercy Academy can provide a vibrant and challenging curriculum. We have the ability to research and select our materials to more fully prepare our students for their future education and role in society.

Our classical curriculum is deliberately designed to teach our students to think critically, speak effectively, and write proficiently; most importantly, we can help prepare our students to live their Faith more fully – to become imitators of Christ.


  • How can I, as a father, possibly put my gratitude into words? Thank you to all who have been a part of building this school, and thank you for those who will be a part of building its future.
    I am looking forward to seeing the many more lives that will forever be changed by DMA

    DMA Fatherof three students
  • Divine Mercy Academy is truly an answer to my prayers. I asked God for a Catholic school through a Eucharistic Novena and he answered me beyond my hopes. My children love their school and are growing every day in faith and knowledge.

    DMA Mothertwo students
  • I like my school because I get to learn things. My favorite thing is "Monday Doors". It's when we each write a story, non-fiction or fiction, and then on the outside we draw pictures to go with the story. School is so fun!

    DMA Student1st Grade

Strong academics and discipline of mind and body allow Divine Mercy Academy to assist our students in forming a foundation to fully integrate their faith and life.

  • Five day Kindergarten through Grade 8 program
  • Preschool for 3 and 4 year olds
  • Excellent academics in Classical style
  • Small class sizes, individual attention
  • Focus on character development, fostering an environment of respect and virtue
  • Choir, service projects, and field trips for student enrichment


With God's grace, along with the overwhelming generosity of many within the Gallatin Valley and beyond, DMA was blessed to purchase its own property this past summer. The new campus gives DMA a firm foundation for future growth.

Located one block from St. John Vianney Catholic Church, the campus enables students to continue to attend weekly Mass. Renovations that have been done over the summer provide necessary classroom, office, and common space. Additionally, athletic and parking space accommodate our growing student body.