Inspiring excellence - educating mind, body, and soul - a classical education in the Catholic tradition.


Divine Mercy Academy is an affordable option and an investment in the education and formation of your child(ren). Accessibility to opportunity is the hallmark of Catholic social teaching, and DMA does everything it can to manifest this aspect of our faith.

Tuition levels have been set as low as possible. Parents for the first two years paid an average of $2396 per child. Some families were able to take advantage of the multiple child discount, some worked with FACTS, a third party on-line tuition management provider, to determine the tuition for their specific family circumstances, some benefited from the ACE Scholarship and some received help from the DMA St. Nicholas Fund.

Every family has been asked to pay something. The only way DMA has been able to accept partial tuition is by the generosity of our donors. The school has three legs of income – tuition, donations, and scholarships from outside organizations such as ACE.

Kindergarten- Grade 9


$5000/yr for the first child in a family
$4000/yr for the second child
$3000/yr for the third child
no tuition for the fourth child, and on

$180/monthly half-day

$300/monthly full-day

Pre-School follows the regular DMA school calendar September-May

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